Unique Overland Truck for sale

A chance to own this Expedition Truck/Off Road RV/Go anywhere Motorhome now for sale.

For Sale in the New Year – for now we are just trying to gauge interest as we are still travelling/living in it. We are currently travelling around New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona so it may be possible for interested parties to see this truck while we are in these states if you can travel to wherever we are.

This vehicle is likely to be available from sometime in the early part of 2018.

The truck is a 1991 model but the cabin was built in 2015. For more information – see the “Our Truck” page in the main menu of this blog. There are endless photographs of it in the many places that we have travelled on the “Truck gallery” page on this blog. There are videos and more images on our Youtube channel and our Instagram – see links on this blog.

I am a fully qualified, experienced engineer and this is the latest in a long line of expedition vehicles that I have designed and built myself.

Importing paperwork and costs would need to be organised by the buyer as we are unable to import to the USA as we are not US citizens.

The truck is very capable as an off-road vehicle and as a camper, as you will see from our movies. With the solar panels and existing water tanks we are able to be self-contained and live off-grid for an entire week.

This could be a one of a kind opportunity for someone to own a unique and special vehicle that is less than 7.5 tonnes that will do what this will do. In my previous role of Expedition Leader for a leading Global Overland Travel company, I have driven several different expedition vehicles across the continents of Africa, Asia and the Americas and this one is up there with the best. It would be difficult to part with!

Starting price:
£46000 – ultimately the transaction must be made in British Pounds.
At the current exchange rate this is around $60,000 US or $75000 CAN.
Buyer pays banking fees for the foreign currency transaction.

The reasons we are considering selling this vehicle:
The cost to ship it back to the UK is high and, as we will have to return to work and will not be able to use the vehicle much for some years on our return, we are considering not shipping it back and letting someone else enjoy it instead.

We have been very comfortable travelling and living full time in this truck but this was always a temporary arrangement for us – unfortunately we are a long way off retirement!

Timing of our departure from the USA and the availability of the vehicle for sale is dependent on a few factors that we will discuss with anyone who is genuinely interested. We will also consider the wishes of a potential buyer in terms of timing.

If anyone is interested please look at the information on this blog and contact me with any questions that are not answered in the available information online or to discuss your possible interest. My email address is: