Free Camps – USA

This gallery shows some of the places that we have camped alone for free – just us, a few wild animals and birds and the occasional passerby.

We don’t have pictures of them all but these are a few of the more scenic ones in California.

We have not included the night that we parked beside a waterfall and were reported to the local Sheriff by someone who lived further up the mountain road. After waking us up around 1130pm, armed and having had to drive up a mountain to find us – the policeman seemed unsure what to expect when we opened the door to him and his bright lights.

He checked our passports, asked a lot of questions and decided to let us off, saying “My deputy might come and take your prints soon, but he might not, he’s somewhere down the mountain”.

Anyway, the pictures here show the less eventful free camping episodes along our trip across the USA.

Why do we free camp?
To save money as often things turn out to be a lot more expensive than anticipated. Also because sometimes the RV parks are full and other campgrounds are expensive but crowded and dirty and we don’t like their bathrooms/showers. It can be nicer to use the bushes and our own shower! Finally it is quite nice to be on our own sometimes with only the pelicans, eagles, ducks and bears for company.