FOR SALE – Questions & Answers – Part 1

We have been inundated with questions and enquiries for our truck so we are going to attempt to answer everything that has been asked on this blog – so that people can look at what others are asking. Many of the questions have been asked by several people so this should save time.

What is the inside height of the camper?
From floor to ceiling, ie; standing up space in the cooking area, is 6′ 1″.
I am 6′ and have had no problems.

Is there a toilet/shower on board and if so where and what type? How do you
guys manage without a bathroom?

Toilet: There is a portable Thetford Excellence premium toilet that lives in the cupboard below the sink. If you want to use it, you must ask anyone else to leave, pull it out into the space at the door entrance, shut the door! See the photo we just posted on the truck gallery page.
There is also a curtain arrangement for privacy if you leave the toilet out at night.
When it has been in use [not all the time] it has been emptied and throroughly cleaned at least once a week. It is not difficult to use but most of the time we just use the facilities in campgrounds, Walmart or, when free camping/boondocking the great outdoors!

We do not have an inside shower but we do have an easy-to-set-up outside shower with a tent. You simply heat the water, plug a hose into the truck and attach the hose to the shower head inside the tent. It has worked for us many times and is super hot! [See truck gallery for photos].
The shower tent can also be used as a toilet tent if you want to put the portable toilet outside the door in the tent [see truck gallery for photo].

We have added more pictures the truck gallery showing these things. These items would be left in truck for future owners.

What is the height to ceiling when the bed is dropped?
34″. We sit up in bed comfortably with coffee in the morning.

What exactly is the size of the bed?
This bed has an Ikea UK-purchased mattress labelled “queen”. The bed measures 54″x 74″.
From side wall to side wall [the length of the bed space] is 77″ [so 74″ for the bed plus 3″ additional].

What is the actual weight of camper with gear etc. in it (shipping weight)?
When we crossed from Baja California to mainland Mexico recently the truck was weighed at 5300kg including all our gear, 2 people, full water tanks, full reserve fuel tank plus a quarter full main fuel tank and food.
Obviously it would depend on the particular weight of your own gear as to how much it would be for you.

Would you sell it sooner than next year; specifically November?
Only if someone made us a huge offer that we couldn’t refuse that compensates us for the trouble/costs that this would cause. Specifically, we have just paid a large sum of money for USA road insurance for 6 months that ends in March 2018 so we intend to use at least a few months of this. Also we have tenants in our UK home so cannot have our house back yet. If anyone wants us to change our plans this side of Christmas then the price of the truck will increase substantially [sorry!].

What is the box made of and how much insulation and type?
The box is made of composite sandwich panels. These consist of fibreglass, plywood and 40mm styrofoam [insulation].
There is no metal frame and there are no cold bridges.

Has the vehicle ever been smoked in?

Does the truck cab have air-con?
Only 4 windows! We were in Baja in August and managed OK – but this depends on what you are used to.

What about sourcing spare parts?
Please see our blog posts titled “Can he fix it” to see what I have actually had to do/chosen to do since leaving home in this truck. Basically, I have pretty much managed to get by so far with items from Home Depot and Walmart. All the spare seals etc that I brought with me are still packed under my seat as this is being written.

The truck has been regularly serviced and I inspect it several times a week.
In 2016 I had all the brake cylinders stainless steel lined. I did this to prevent any issues that may have arisen from it standing around whilst being used by the British miltary. Obviously I also cleaned the chassis and re-painted it thoroughly before mounting the camper body and leaving the UK.

Parts are available in the UK but, as with any vehicle of this type, you have to look for them. This is a mechanically-based vehicle [no fancy electrics that will need computers to fix] and a solution can generally always be found as long as there is someone with mechanical ability in the vicinity. I would just make some items myself or find someone on the road who can do it for me. Bearings and seals are readily available from anywhere.
The truck has a Perkins Engine so parts for this are available worldwide.
I would happily buy another one of these trucks and, personally, would not be too concerned about this sort of thing. In my experience, in many places, it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have, parts are not always available – however there is always someone who can find someone who can either fix or make a part from another vehicle to fit.

How does the import/export and registration of this vehicle work?
This will vary according to where the buyer of this vehicle resides and wants to register it. We come from the UK, where there is one registration document only. We are required to complete this document with the new owner [adding in your address and stating that you are the new owner of the vehicle]. The new owner gets to keep part of this document for use in registering it in their own country [and we can provide a photocopy of the entire document].

We return this document to our appropriate government office known as the DVLA. The DVLA mark it in their computer system as “sold to Mr/Mrs xx of whatever address and country”. That is the end of our involvement with it. We sold a truck to a German a couple of years back and this is exactly what we did with him. He arrived in our country, we completed the document and he sorted out the import into his own country. We received confirmation from the UK DVLA that we were no longer responsible for registering it in the UK. Simple! Hopefully we can work something out as simple as that with whoever buys our truck.

We are flexible and will help as much as we can – but we cannot help you with your individual circumstances for this – everyone who has enquired is from a different US State/Canadian Province and we even have someone from Europe – so this is really up to the new buyer to sort out how this will work for their individual circumstances.