FOR SALE – Questions & Answers – INTERIOR

We have been inundated with questions and enquiries for our truck so we are going to attempt to answer everything that has been asked on this blog – so that people can look at what others are asking. Many of the questions have been asked by several people so this should save time. This section covers the interior questions.

What is the inside height of the camper?
From floor to ceiling, ie; standing up space in the cooking area, is 6′ 1″.
I am 6′ and have had no problems.

What is the size of the bed?
The bed measures 54″x 74″.
From side wall to side wall [the length of the bed space] is 77″
[so 74″ for the bed plus 3″ additional].

Is there a toilet/shower on board and if so where and what type? How do you
guys manage without a bathroom?

Toilet: There is a portable Thetford Excellence premium toilet that lives in the cupboard below the sink. If you want to use it, you must ask anyone else to leave, pull it out into the space at the door entrance, shut the door! See the photo we just posted on the truck gallery page.
There is also a curtain arrangement for privacy if you leave the toilet out at night.
When it has been in use [not all the time] it has been emptied and throroughly cleaned at least once a week. It is not difficult to use but most of the time we just use the facilities in campgrounds, Walmart or, when free camping/boondocking the great outdoors!

We do not have an inside shower but we do have an easy-to-set-up outside shower with a tent. You simply heat the water, plug a hose into the truck and attach the hose to the shower head inside the tent. It has worked for us many times and is super hot! [See truck gallery for photos].
The shower tent can also be used as a toilet tent if you want to put the portable toilet outside the door in the tent [see truck gallery for photo].

We have added more pictures the truck gallery showing these things. These items would be left in truck for future owners.

What is the height to ceiling when the bed is dropped?
34″. We sit up in bed comfortably with coffee in the morning.

What exactly is the size of the bed?
This bed has an Ikea UK-purchased mattress labelled “queen”. The bed measures 54″x 74″.
From side wall to side wall [the length of the bed space] is 77″ [so 74″ for the bed plus 3″ additional].

Has the vehicle ever been smoked in?

Does the truck cab have air-con?
Only 4 windows! We were in Baja in August and managed OK – but this depends on what you are used to.

What size is the storage space above the cab?
We use this for winter/summer clothes when they are not in use at different times of year, canoe paddles, some storage boxes and coats. It is a large area of around 6′ long, 2′ high and 3′ wide in size with a sloping roof.

What other storage is there?
We use 3 of the 6 drawers for clothes/toiletries/day to day items with summer/winter clothes being put in the over-cab storage hatch in compression sacks when not in use. We use the other 3 of the 6 drawers for kitchen items. This has been plenty of room for our things. We have a laundry bag that we keep just inside the over-cab storage hatch and clothes/towels etc rotate between there and the drawers.

We use the 3 overhead cupboards for dry food items with a few extra bottles [maple syrup/vinegar] stored in front of the 85 litre water tank in a bottom cupboard. We have a plastic storage box in the over-can storage hatch for extra flour/seeds/oats [we make our own bread and muesli so have more than most people].

We use the cupboard under the sink for general items and the Porta Potti is stored below that behind a door. The 2 cupboards above and below the fridge are deep and we use these for all our bedding.

Behind the seats we have book storage [we have around 100 books on board!] The under-seat lockers store our inflatable canoe, camping table and chairs and other general items.

There is a lot of storage – probably more than anyone really needs. We wish it had been less as we just filled it unnecessarily!