For Sale – Questions & Answers – Part 2

What size is the storage space above the cab?
We use this for winter/summer clothes when they are not in use at different times of year, canoe paddles, some storage boxes and coats. It is a large area of around 6′ long, 2′ high and 3′ wide in size with a sloping roof.

Can I put motorbikes/bicycles etc on the back?
The existing frame could be modified for mounting items on the back of the truck.

How good is the build? Have you done this before? Did you do this for a living?
I am a trained engineer. Over the last 20 years I have built numerous overland trucks for myself, for Dragoman Overland Travel in the UK, and also for private clients [as my own business]. I have created custom-built camper conversions for clients who own Landrovers including pop-up roofs, bodywork modifications and engine transplants. I have also built 4 for my own use over a period of 10 years.

Do the solar panels provide enough power?
Yes, for our use. We have 4 x 120w solar panels on the roof. These charge the 3 leisure batteries whenever there is sunshine. The leisure batteries are also charged by the engine whenever we drive anywhere. We have only ever had a problem in the depths of darkest Canadian winter when we parked for too many days in one place and the sun did not come out at all. We also had a problem in the Baja one day because we hadn’t realised that we were too much in the shade for too long. We do have the ability to hook-up to electric should it be required but over the last year we have had a problem twice and one of those occasions it was our own fault for parking where the sun could not get to the panels.

Does it have a water filter to purify the water?
No, but one could be fitted. We have not needed this. We use a water additive when we fill the tanks. It is called Micropur and can be bought online. The only time we have not been able to fill our tanks easily was when we found the water too salty in a couple of places in Baja. On one of these occasions, we just waited until the next place to fill up [as we had enough to carry on] and for the other occasion we bought a container of water from the Purified Water Shop in the town to use until we were able to fill up again.

How long can you manage off-grid in this truck?
1 week if you are careful with water. After this you will probably have to get water from somewhere.

What is the current mileage on the clock?
On 11th October 2017 the mileage is 27866. We intend to drive around the southern US states over the next 2-3 months so this will increase accordingly. The truck will be serviced and I will do an oil change at around 30000 miles. When we purchased this truck it had around 5000 miles on the clock. We have done around 22000 miles since January 2016 so it has proven itself to be reliable and robust so far. The reason the mileage was so low when we acquired the truck is that it was a British Military Reserve Vehicle and it stood around without being used for some years. Before we left the UK I ensured that all working parts were as they should be and took preventative action for any potential issues [from it standing around] and my efforts have paid off.

What about rust?
There is a little bit on the front left hand wing around the wheel arch that is just starting to rust. It has appeared in the last year. If it were cleaned and painted sooner rather than later, it would be fine. Otherwise I cleaned and painted the chassis in 2016 before we left the UK.