Food Gallery

This gallery shows some (not all) of the food that we make and other food that we buy or eat out along our route.

We have a brilliant set of break and chip-resistant plates that do not break when we travel, even when the truck bounces along when off-roading. If you need a set for your outdoor BBQs, camping trips or, like us, for travelling – have a look at them here:
Corelle 16-Piece Vitrelle Glass Memphis Dinner Set,

We always have a spending spree when we see a really good bakery with crusty, chewy bread and real pastries that are baked well. We really like a creperie or pancake place that can make a non-stodgy, properly-made galette or crepe filled with good ingredients. We also like to go out for a plate of freshly-made waffles or fresh fish and crispy chips [not warmed up from the freezer] or something a bit different with unusual flavourings – but not bad fusion food!

Our daily diet is not fancy food – it is simple – it has to be, we make almost everything from scratch in our truck, or on our BBQ or sometimes in someone else’s kitchen, there is no time to make it fancy and we don’t drive around with posh plates! We also can’t always get the ingredients we want and have to adapt to whatever is available at the time. We have limited fridge/storage space for food and only an ice box – no freezer.

We like a varied diet with a little meat/fish/cheese/eggs and lots of vegetables and spices. We also like good, dark chocolate, biscuits, cake, nuts and particularly croissants. Our diet is not to everyone’s taste but it is to ours!