About Us

Sorry this is a selfie
This is us, and more importantly – the truck!

On 30th June 2016, after a last spring clean of our home, we moved lock stock and last barrel into the yellow truck parked on our own drive. On 1st July 2016 we had a quick last look at the view from the window [our street] with our morning cuppa. At 8am we shuffled off the drive, waved off by our neighbour. Soon after we were parked up making our breakfast beside a nearby nature reserve. Our Italian tenants moved into our house within an hour of our leaving and they now have the pleasure of living in our home for the next year at least.

Later that day we set off for Rowsley in the Peak District, Derbyshire, heading for a camp site that we know well and where we like to hide out at Christmas. Here we collected our thoughts in the sunshine and made a few nice things to eat. After our busy time getting the house ready and packing the entire contents of the house into the truck and our garage, this camp was a good chance to relax and make a few lists.

Over the next 6 weeks we spent time visiting family and friends in the north, middle and far south of England and we did a lot of sorting out and preparations in between visits.

We finally left the UK on the Harwich to the Hook of Holland ferry on Saturday 20th August 2016.

Since our sunny, summer days in the UK we have driven to Harwich, caught a car ferry to the Hook of Holland, camped near there at Delft, and then driven on to Antwerp.

There we had to abandon our truck – on its own in the middle of nowhere – in the vast port at Antwerp. More worryingly, Jon left it with the key on a yellow string draped over the wing mirror – and fretted about this until he saw it again!

We set off without the truck, with just a couple of bags, via Ghent and Bruges and then Holland again by car and train. From there we flew to Toronto and took trains on to Montreal and then Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we hired a car and drove to Hubbards to wait for the truck’s arrival.

Numerous delayed ships, major panics, planes, trains, automobiles and boats later, this blog tells a little about where we are and what we have been up to for some of the time. The rest of the time we spent planning the next leg of our trip and sorting photo’s and blogs!

Our trip took us from Nova Scotia to Mexico and everywhere in between. Our truck took us over mountains, through snow, storms, heat and hail, along coastlines, over sand, over rocky boulders and mountain passes, never once letting us down.

After spending a lot longer in north America than we originally intended [there was so much to see!], we eventually decided that we could not go further than Mexico for this trip. We were away from home for 20 months, and only ever intended to be up to 2 years. We made the most of Canada, USA and Mexico including Baja California this time and are now back home saving up again for our next adventure [which unfortunately is a few years off for now]. Our truck is therefore up for sale as we really can’t get any more use out of it for some years. We have to work so it is ups or grabs for someone else who wants to set off in it and see the world.