8 Things people say about our truck

We have been very surprised at how much interest our truck gets wherever we go across the whole of North America. What is nice about this is that, not only is it pleasing to see Jon’s work complimented, but also it means we meet lots of people that we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Our truck has been responsible for helping to get us chosen for house sits in some cases. On the downside, it was recently also the reason that we failed to get a house sit that we really wanted. Apparently guests with larger cars had been regularly knocking down a retaining wall along the homeowner’s steep drive so, despite us telling them that Jon has driven much larger vehicles than this in some very tight spaces, we were too much of a risk and they chose someone else.

Back to admirers – the most recent exclamation came from a camp host in California who said, “That is so cool it isn’t funny!”

Around Sacramento, we were greeted many times with “What the hell is that? That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

When we parked up in Florence, Oregon, we got “Dang, that truck is cool!”

“Wow, that’ll take you just about anywhere.” has frequently been the admiring remark from rangers in parks all over North America. I guess rangers are the sort of people who know about trying to “go anywhere” in a vehicle so we think this is quite a good compliment.

“That is one helluva truck. Awesome!” is often the cry from other vehicles when we stop a traffic lights.

Many people have been able to say nothing but “That truck is bad ass” over and over again in complete disbelief at what they are seeing.

“You’ve done a good job.” we have heard from several police officers who have stopped us and also from customs officers who have chosen to search [and admire] our truck in much more detail. Over 12 months we have had some very pleasant exchanges with both Canadian and USA law enforcement officers who, once they have ascertained that we are who we say we are, and doing what we say we are doing, have shown great interest in our truck and our trip.

Sometimes it has been simply a thumbs up or similar gesture from the roadside, but early on in our trip we got a nice surprise when someone passed their judgement while we were in a shop and even bothered to leave us a note on the windscreen for when we returned [see main picture].

As an aside – we are wondering where all the photographs are that people are taking of our truck. We often meet these people and we often see people who are doing this in the distance – when we come out of a shop etc. We would like to see their pictures – or better still, pictures of these people with our truck. If any of those people read this – please follow us on Instagram and perhaps we can make contact with you and work out a way to publish your photographs alongside ours.